Why can`t I get more money for my gown?

Gowns in general are a hard item to rent out for a few reasons. First we need to find someone who wants the same style as your gown, in the same color, and in the same size. Secondly keep in mind the renter is paying for a secondhand gown. Furthermore when you purchased your gown you owned it afterwards. Our renters are only getting to use the gown once and therefore we are limited by what we could charge.  That being said we  will try and get you as much money as we can for your gown.

Once I purchase and wear my gown how much value does it loose?

The unfortunate truth is that a gown looses between 30-40% of its value once it walks out the store doors and a minimum of 50% of its value once it is worn. 

What if I am not currently living in Israel and I want

to rent my gown through you?

No worries, Just find someone to send your gown here with, and we will take care of the rest, including 

getting your money to you. 


Our Policies

  • All gowns must be dry-cleaned

   before drop off

  • We don`t accept gowns more

   than 2 years old 

  • We don`t accept immodest gowns 

  • We don`t accept sleeveless gowns

  • We only accept maternity, mother

   and sister gowns

  •  No bridal or kids gowns

  • Once a gown has been dropped

   off it needs to stay in our studio

   for a minimum of 20 weeks

   (*Should the gown need to be picked

    up before, there is a $30/100nis fee.)

  •   We only accept floor length gowns

  • Your gown must get approved before

   it is brought to our studio. 

What we are all about 

We know the frusteration of paying for a beautiful gown to wear once, only to have it sit in your closet and stare at you afterwards. Gowns by Aliza has the perfect solution for you. Bring us your gown and we will rent it out for you. All the money from the first rental is yours and after that we own the gown. 

What you need to know 

We are selective about which gowns we take, as we like to keep a high standard of gowns in our studio. We request you email us a photo of your gown at gownsbyaliza@gmail.com before sending us your gown and we will give you an estimate of what it will get rented out for. The rental price of your gown will range between 500nis/$150 - 1200nis/$340. Once your gown has been reserved by a customer we will call you immediatley to come pick up your money!