Located in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem 


Tel:  058.649.3842 

U.S: 410. 705.1316

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What are your studio hours?

We have no specific hours, rather we do by appointment only. By scheduling an appointment slot with us, we will be able to ensure that you get all the attention that you need. Slots are typically 45 minutes, by coming on time we can focus on you before our next customer arrives. To cancel an appointment - We appreciate a call before just to let us know. 

How long can a gown be taken overseas?

All of our gowns can be taken overseas for a span of 19 days. Should a gown need to be taken longer there is a $55 rental fee per every extra week. 

How do alterations on the gowns work?

We have a seamstress who works for us full-time and she will be able to handle all your alteration needs. In general all basic alterations are FREE. Should a gown need to be totally reworked there will be a standard one time $25 fee. 

How do I clean my gown?

Good news, return the gown dirty and we will clean it for you - FREE of charge. We have a professional cleaner that works with us to ensure that during the cleaning the gowns are not damaged in any way. 

What is the policy for wearing a gown more than once during a rental?

If a gown is taken out and worn more than once, we charge the intial rental fee plus a half. The reason for this is that a gown only has a life span of a few wearings and by wearing it twice we will be unable to get as much use out of it. 

What is the range of gown rental prices? 

Our range is from $140-$375 per rental. That price includes all basic alterations and the gown cleaning.

How do I reserve a gown?

Once you find a gown in our studio that you would like to rent, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve the gown. Once the gown is reserved we remove it from our display and it is put away securley for you. Should the gown need alterations we will schedule between 1-3 fittings to make sure the gown fits you perfectly. 


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